Temario Psychoanal. Dialog., 14, 5 (2004)

Publicado en la revista nº019

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas


A Journal of Relational Perspectives


Volume 14                                            2004                                           Number 5


State of the hope: THe new bad object in the therapeutic action of psychoanalysis

Steven H. Cooper, Ph.D.


The cocreation of fantasy and the transformation of psychic structure

Christopher Bonovitz, Psy.D.

Remembering where you come from: Dissociative process in multicultural individuals

Susan Bodnar, Ph.D.


Toward a critical global in psychoanalysis

Gary B. Walls, Ph.D.


The politics of relational psychoanalysis

Steven Botticelli, Ph.D.


Culture, influence, and the "I.ness" of me: Commentary on papers by Susan Bodnar, Gary B. Walls, and Steven Botticelli

Cleonie White, Ph.D.


The "we" in you and I: Reply to commentary

Susan Bodnar, Ph.D.


Socio-relational psychoanalysis and agency: Reply to commentary

Gary B. Walls, Ph.D.


The perils of polemic: Reply to commentary

Steven Botticelli, Ph.D.


* Editors' note: Part II, consisting of a case presentation by Beatrice Beebe, Ph.D. with comments by Michael Heller, Ph.D., Carolyn Clement, Ph.D., and Judith Edwards, P. Psych. Psych., with a reply by Dr. Beebe, will appear in the next issue of this journal.


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