Temario Psy. Q., LXV, 3 (1996)

Publicado en la revista nº010

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas



Volume LXV                                              1996                                             No. 3



                        NANCY KULISH. A Phobia of the Couch: A Clinical Study of

                             Psychoanalytic Process                                                                                 465

                      OWEN RENIK. The Perils of Neutrality                                                                495

                        LEONARD SHENGOLD. The Moth as an Allusion to (Symbol of?)

                            Mother                                                                                                             518

                        JUDITH A. LIVINGSTON. Love and Illusion                                                         548

                        EVERETT SIEGEL. Franz Kafka's The Trial: Guilty or Inocent?                           561

                        JENNIFER C. HUNT. Diving the Wreck; Risk and Injury

                             in Sport Scuba Diving                                                                                      591

                        SAMUEL A. GUTTMAN. 1914-1995                                                      623

                        BOOK REVIEWS. B. Barratt:  Psychoanalysis and the Postmodern

                            Impulse: Knowing and Being Since Freud's Psychology. R. Paskauskas,

                            Editor: The Complete Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and

                            Ernest Jones, 1908-1939. S. Rosenzweig: Freud, Jung, and Hall the

                            King-Maker: The Historic Expedition to America (1909) with

                            G. Stanley Hall as Host and William James as Guest.

                            J. Kerr: Freud, Jung and Sabina Spielrein: A Most Dangerous

                            Method. A. Freud: The Harvard Lectures. D. Pines: A Woman's

                            Unconscious Use of  Her Body. E. Shneidman: Suicide as Psychache:

                            A Clinical Approach to Self-Destructive Behavior. N. Retterstol:

                            Suicide: A European Perspective. A. Bond, et al: Dream

                            Portrait: A Study of  Nineteen Sequential Dreams as Indicators of

                            Pretermination.                                                                                                  629

                    ABSTRACT. J. Prager: SOCIOLOGY. M. A. Bouchard: Canadian Journal

                            of Psychoanalysis. T. Acklin: The Psychohistory Review.

                            S. Gray: Bulleting of the Menninger Clinic.                                                     667



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