Temario JAPA, 49, 3 (2001)

Publicado en la revista nº010

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas



Volume 49                                                  2001                                           Number 3


      COMMENTARY        Helen K. Gediman

                                                    The Supervisory Process: Triadic System and Beyond             733

        PLENARY                   Fred Busch

        ADDRESS                          Are we Losing our Mind?                                                            739

                                            Theodore Jacobs, Lewis Aron, Rosemary H. Balsam

                                                    Commentaries                                                                                    752

                                            Fred Busch

                                                    Response                                                                                             772

        SCIENTIFIC               Henry F. Smith

        PAPERS                              Hearing Voices: The Fate of the Analyst's

                                                    Identifications                                                                                       781

                                            Daniel Jacobs

                                                    Narcissism, Eroticism, and Envy in the

                                                    Supervisory Relationship                                                                   813

                                            Lee Jaffe

                                                     Countertransference, supervised Analysis, and

                                                     Psychoanalytic Training Requirements                                            831

                                            W. W. Meissner, S. J.

                                                    Psychic Reality in the Psychoanalytic Process                                 855

                                            Jerome A. Winer and Eric D. Ornstein

                                                    Titration in the Treatment of the More Troubled

                                                    Patient                                                                                                    891

                                            Gail S. Reed

                                                    The Disregarded Analyst and the Transgressive

                                                    Process: Discontinuity, Countertransference, and

                                                    the Framing of the Negative                                                                909

                                         Beth J. Seelig and Lisa S. Rosof

                                                  Normal and Pathological Altruism                                                  933

                                            Fredric N. Busch, Barbara L. Milrod, Marie Rudden,

                                            Theodore Shapiro, Jean Roiphe, Meriamne Singer, and

                                            Andrew Aronson

                                                    How Treating Psychoanalysts Respond to Psychotherapy

                                                    Research Constraints                                                                           961

                                            Judy L. Kantrowitz

                                                    Brief Communication: A Comparison of the Place of

                                                    Dreams in Institute Curricula Between 1980-1981 and

                                                    1998-1999                                                                                            985

         LETTERS                   Paniagua / Coen                                                                                        999

         JAPA REVIEW OF BOOKS                                                                                                        1001


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