Temario JAPA, 48, 4 (2000)

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Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas



Volume 48                                    2000                                  Number 4



From the Editors            Phyllis Tyson

                                                Psychoanalysis, Development,

                                                and the Life Cycle                                                                  1045

Commentary                    Phyllis Tyson

                                                Sylvia Brody, Ph.D.                                                                1051


Editor's Note                            Celebration and Innovation                                                 1053

Scientific                          Mary Main

Papers                                        The Organized Categories of Infant, Child,

                                                   and Adult Attachment: Flexible vs. Inflexible

                                                   Attention Under Attachment-Related Stress                     1055

                                          Eric Hesse and Mary Main

                                                    Disorganized Infant, Child, and Adult

                                                    Attachment: Collapse in Behavioral and

                                                    Attentional Strategies                                                         1097

                                           Peter Fonagy

                                                    Attachment and Borderline

                                                    Personality Disorder                                                           1129

                                            Arietta Slade

                                                    The Development and Organization of

                                                    Attachment: Implications for

                                                    Psychoanalysis                                                                   1147

Discussion                            Judith F. Chused

                                                    Discussion: A Clinician's View of

                                                    Attachment Theory                                                             1175

Panel Report                        Stephen Seligman

                                                    Clinical Implications of Current

                                                    Attachment Theory                                                              1189


Scientific                                György Gergely

Papers                                           Reaproaching Mahler: New Perspectives

                                                      on Normal Autism, Symbiosis, Splitting,

                                                      and Libidinal Object  Constancy from

                                                      Cognitive Developmental Theory                                    1197

                                                Harry T. Hardin and Daniel H. Hardin

                                                        On the Vicissitudes of Early Primary

                                                        Surrogate Mothering II: Loss of the

                                                        Surrogate Mother and Arrest of Mourning                   1229

                                                Karen Gilmore

                                                        A Psychoanalytic Perspective on


                                                        Disorder                                                                           1259

                                                Marvin P. Osman

                                                        The Adam and Eve Story as Exemplar

                                                        of and Early-Life Variant of the

                                                        Oedipus Complex                                                          1295

                                                Roy N. Aruffo, Segundo Ibarra, and Karen R. Strupp

                                                        Encopresis and Anal Masturbation                              1327


                                                Nancy Kulish

                                                        Primary Femininity: Clinical Advances

                                                        and Theoretical Ambiguities                                         1355

                                                Richard Lasky

                                                        Body Ego and the Preoedipal Roots of

                                                        Feminine Gender Identity                                              1381

                                                Deanna Holtzman and Nancy Kulish

                                                        The Feminization of the Female

                                                        Oedipal Complex, Part I: A

                                                        Reconsideration of the Significance of

                                                        Separation Issues                                                         1413

                                                Judith A. Yanof

                                                        Barbie and the Tree of Life: The Multiple

                                                        Functions of Gender in Development                         1439


                                                Calvin A. Colarusso

                                                        Separation-Individuation Phenomena in

                                                        Adulthood: General Concepts and the

                                                        Fifth Individuation                                                          1467

                                                Sydney W. Arkowitz

                                                        The Overstimulated State of Dyslexia:

                                                        Perception, knowledge, and Learning                        1491

                                                Sandra Bemesderfer

                                                        Countertransference Enactments

                                                        Informed by Cancer in an Analyt's

                                                        Child                                                                               1521

                                                Sharon Zalusky

                                                        Infertility in the Age of Technology                               1541


                                                Arthur F. Valenstein

                                                        The Older Patient in Psychoanalysis                          1563

                                                Frieda Plotkin

                                                        Treatment of the Older Adult: The

                                                        Impact on the Psychoanalyst                                       1591

Letters                                    Leon Hoffman                                                                       1617

Japa Review of Books                                                                                                        1619

Cummulative Table of                                                                                                         1651

Contents for Volume 48

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