Temario JAPA, 47, 1 (2000)

Publicado en la revista nº005

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas

Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA)


Volume 47                                        2000                                  Number 1


FROM THE EDITOR                    THE REAPPOINTMENT OF THE GUARD                             5

COMMENTARY             Arnold D. Richards

                                                        A.A. BRILL AND THE POLITICS OF EXCLUSION                9

                                         Ron Spielman

                                                        PAROCHIAL READING: ANOTHER REASON

                                                        WE TALK PAST EACH OTHER                                             29

SCIENTIFIC                    Danielle Knafo

PAPERS                                       ANTI-SEMITISM IN THE CLINICAL SETTING:

                                                        TRANSFERENCE AND COUNTERTRANSFERENCE

                                                        DIMENSIONS                                                                            35

                                       Judy L. Kantrowitz

                                                       THE ROLE OF THE PRECONSCIOUS IN

                                                       PSYCHOANALYSIS                                                               65

                                        John Munder Ross

                                                        ONCE MORE ONTO THE COUCH:

                                                        CONSCIOUSNESS AND PRECONSCIOUS

                                                        DEFENSES IN PSYCHOANALYSIS                                     91

                                        Salman Akhtar

                                                        THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN NEEDS

                                                        AND WISHES: IMPLICATIONS FOR

                                                        PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY AND TECHNIQUE              113

                                        Richard H. Tuch

                                                        THE CONSTRUCTION, RECONSTRUCTION,

                                                        AND DECONSTRUCTION OF MEMORY IN THE

                                                        LIGHT OF SOCIAL COGNITION                                            153

                                        C. Brooks Brenneis

                                                        THE ANALYTIC PRESENT IN PSYCHOANALYTIC

                                                        RECONSTRUCTIONS OF THE HISTORICAL PAST         187

LETTERS                      Shevrin / Wolff                                                                                           203

JAPA REVIEW OF BOOKS                                                                                                           209

FOREIGN LANGUAGE ABSTRACTS                                                                                          303

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