aperturas psicoanalíticas

aperturas psicoanalíticas

revista internacional de psicoanálisis

Número 011 2002 Revista Internacional de Psicoanálisis Aperturas

Temario JAPA, 49, 4 (2001)

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas

Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001                                                        

            FROM THE                                1107

            COMMENTARIES          Arnold Goldberg 
                                                DEPATHOLOGIZING HOMOSEXUALITY                                 1109

                                                Richard C. Friedman 
                                                PSYCHOANALYSIS AND HUMAN SEXUALITY                       1115

            PLENARY                     Ethel Spector Person
            ADDRESS                      KNOWLEDGE AND AUTHORITY: 
                                                  THE GODFATHER FANTASY                                              1133

            SCIENTIFIC                Elizabeth L. Auchincloss and Susan C. Vaughan
            PAPERS                     PSYCHOANALYSIS AND HOMOSEXUALITY: 
                                               DO WE NEED A NEW THEORY?                                        1157

                                                 Ralph E. Roughton 
                                                FOUR MEN IN TREATMENT: AN EVOLVING 
                                                 PERSPECTIVE ON HOMOSEXUALITY AND 
                                                 BISEXUALITY, 1965 TO 2000                                             1187

                                                Robert M. Galatzer-Levy 
                                                FINDING OUR WAY IN PERPLEXITY: 
                                                THE MEANINGS OF SEX IN THE 
                                                ANALYSIS OF A GAY MAN                                                1219

                                                Sidney H. Phillips 
                                                THE OVERSTIMULATON OF EVERYDAY LIFE: 
                                                I. NEW ASPECTS OF MALE HOMOSEXUALITY                1235

                                                Scott J. Goldsmith 
                                                OEDIPUS OR ORESTED? HOMOSEXUAL MEN, 
                                                THEIR MOTHER, AND OTHER WOMEN 
                                                REVISITED                                                                      1269

                                                David Lotto 
                                                FREUD'S STRUGGLE WITH MISOGYNY: 
                                                HOMOSEXUALITY AND GUILT IN THE 
                                                DREAM OF IRMA'S INJECTION                                        1289

                                                Donald Moss 
                                                ON HATING IN THE FIRST PERSON PLURAL: 
                                                THINKING PSYCHOANALYTICALLY 
                                                ABOUT RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, 
                                                AND MISOGYNY                                                            1315

                                               Rosemary Balsam 
                                               INTEGRATING MALE AND FEMALE 
                                               ELEMENTS IN A WOMAN'S GENDER IDENTITY              1335

PANEL                                Gary Grossman
                                            IN CLINICAL WORK                                                        1361

                                            Diane Lawson Martinez 
                                            CLINICAL USES OF THE CONCEPT OF 
                                            PRIMARY FEMININITY                                                   1379

                                            Irene Cairo-Chiarandini 
                                           HAVE AND HAVE NOT: 
                                           CLINICAL USES OF ENVY                                             1391

JAPA REVIEW OF BOOKS                                                                                                         1405

CUMULATIVE TABLE OF                                                                                                              1473

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