Temario Psych. Inq., 21, 5 (2001)

Publicado en la revista nº011

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas



Volume 21                                                 2001                                            Number 5


Motivation in Psychoanalysis

                        MORTON SHANE, M.D., Issue Editor

                                Prologue                                                                                                   553

                        GAIL S. REED,   Ph.D.

                                Patients' Motivations and the Analyst's Experience                            556

                        JAMES S. GROTSTEIN, M.D.

                              Some Reflections on the Psychoanalytic Theory

                               of Motivation: Toward a Theory of Entelechy                                        572

                        JOSEPH D. LICHTENBERG, M.D.

                                Motivation: Sic Transit Gloria?                                                              589

                        OTTO F. KERNBERG, M.D.

                                Object Relations, Affects, and Drives: Toward

                                a New Synthesis                                                                                     604

                      KENNETH A. FRANK, Ph.D.

                               Extending the Field of Psychoanalytic Change:

                               Exploratory-Assertive Motivation, Self-Efficacy,

                               and the New Analytic Role for Action                                            620

                        HENRY J. FRIEDMAN, M.D.

                                Sources of Opposition to Relatedness in Psychoanalysis                640

                        MERVYN M. PESKIN, M.D.

                                Back to Basics: The Psychoanalytic Conceptualization

                                of Motivation                                                                                            658

                        MARY GALES SHANE, M.D., and MORTON SHANE, M.D.

                                The Attachment Motivational System as a Guide to an

                                Effective Therapeutic Process                                                              675

                        MORTON SHANE, M.D., Issue Editor

                                Epilogue                                                                                                   688 




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