Temario Psy. Q., LXX, 2 (2001)

Publicado en la revista nº009

Autor: Aperturas Psicoanalíticas



VOLUME LXX                                2001                                    No. 2



                                    Obituary: Stephen A. Mitchell                                                                      297

                                    THOMAS H. OGDEN. Reading Winnicott                                                     299

                                  DORIS K. SILVERMAN. Sexuality and Attachment: A

                                           Passionate Relationship or a Marriage of

                                           Convenience?                                                                                 325

                                    HANOCH YERUSHALMI. Psychoanalysts' Multiple Relational

                                            Perspectives                                                                                     359

                                     MARILYN CHARLES. Nonphysical Touch: Modes of Con-

                                            tainment and Communication within the Analytic

                                            Process                                                                                           387

                                    EFRAT GINOT. The Holding Environment and Intersubjectivity                       417

                                    STEFANO BOLOGNINI. Empathy and the Unconscious                               447

                                    BOOKS REVIEWS. A. Green: The Fabric of Afffect in the

                                            Psychoanalytic Discourse. A. Goldberg: Being of Two

                                            Minds: The Vertical Split in Psychoanalysis and Psy-

                                            chotherapy. L. Wurmser: Die Maske der Scham: Die

                                           Psychoanalyse von Schamaffekten und Schamkonflikten

                                            (The Mask of Shame: Psychoanalysis of Shame

                                            Affects and Shame Conflicts). R. Perelberg, Edi-

                                            tor: Psychoanalytic Understanding of Violence and

                                            Suicide. S. Grand: The Reproduction of Evil: A Clinical

                                            and Cultural Perspective. J. Hughes: Freudian Analysts/

                                            Feminist Issues. J. Szaluta: Psychohistory: Theory

                                            and Practice. J. Rubin: A Psychoanalysis for Our Time:

                                            Exploring the Blindness of the Seeing I.                                             473

                                       ABSTRACTS. PSYCHE. LIV, 1, 2000; LIV, 8, 2000; LIV,

                                       9/10, 2000.                                                                                           513



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